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Wandarra Homestead was conceived with the idea of creating a homey environment where guests can disconnect from the world and find respite in the great outdoors. Founded by sisters Jodie and Angela, the two grew up in a home where spending quality time together and bonding through travel was celebrated. Over the years, they've developed a passion for residential design and creating personalised customer experiences, focusing on optimising spaces for groups and families to make lifelong memories.

Having overcome health issues in years past, Wandarra’s founders emphasise the role of nature in allowing one to slow down and focus on the bigger picture. They have realised that setting aside time to reconnect with one another, recharge, and reduce the noise of everyday life can positively impact one’s mind and body.


Community is at the heart of Wandarra Homestead's existence, and our property brings families, friends, and groups together to find common ground. Our focus has always remained on the smaller details, allowing us to create a thoughtfully designed property and guest experience that exudes a luxurious yet personal home that brings warmth to those

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